Tale Of The Rock Pieces


Ivan Georgiev Stoikov

Grade or Focus:

Children ages 6-7 & up, and maybe every adult with soul kind enough and good imagination would consider it interesting.

Number. Of Words:

126856 words.

Keywords &
Market Focus:

If you combine “Harry Potter” and “The Lord Of The Rings” you’d get a pretty good idea of “Tale Of The Rock Pieces”, though on the other hand it has nothing in common with these masterpieces. The book could be a good “guide” for kids to lead a healthy way of life and is also a story revealing some of the secrets of today’s and ancient animals. It can keep any reader in suspense until the very end, but most of all it is a way to understand the real meaning of the expression “ancient wizards” and to learn a lot about these incredible people. 


Reading “Tale Of The Rock Pieces” one can learn a lot of things about the hard and horrible struggle between the mountaineers (the most kind-hearted and skillful people) and the Brown faces (the most dreadful and greedy human race ever existed). Unfortunately the skill to wield the Magic couldn’t help the noble mountaineers to escape the awful slavery and finally almost all of them were deep in the Brown faces‘ underground galleries… Only fifty of the noble people managed to save themselves, but had to hide high in the ancient mountains and start on a tiring and desperate journey, if they wanted a better future. No one of them imagined how many horrible creatures (like fierce cave bears and dreadful Fiery men, giant water dragons and their hunters, fish-keepers and one-eyeds) they had to come across, before they found out that the youngest member of their group was the key to their saving, he was the only one who could become a real wizard without any training, but would a ten years old boy manage to find the ancient rock pieces and revive them, while the other mountaineers were exhausted captives into the Brown faces’ clutches?            .

Author Biography:

I was born on August 31st, 1967 in Sofia - the capital of Bulgaria. Though my professional education is telephone exchange technician, I’ve always been fond of living creatures and studied biology at Sofia University (I have a master’s degree). But after I wrote my first book, I realized there wouldn’t be a better job than writing of books. A few years I worked as a salesman of newspapers and magazines, where I could work half a day and studied English every free minute to translate my book well enough.

Now I’m writing my second book “The Opposite Of Magic”, and I’m convinced I’ve got enough imagination to write book after book till the end of my days and maybe after that too. For the present there are about twenty books in my head that wait impatiently to be written.  


I’ve got about 12 illustrations for my book, drawn by me.

The book is edited by Ani Batchvarova, Jillanne Kimble, Cynthia Sherman.